Each Leffe is a pleasure to be enjoyed. Our glass was created to make you rediscover the value of time and to grant you a unique tasting experience, every time.


At the base of the chalice you will find a relief decoration that reminds you of our abbey: in this way, you will touch the history of Leffe with your hand. Furthermore, by holding the glass at the bottom, you can avoid heating your Leffe and you will maintain the right tasting temperature.


The letter "L" engraved on the bottom of the glass favors the continuous creation of bubbles and allows to obtain a persistent foam. Take the time to enjoy this moment.


Your Leffe is a pleasure to be discovered in small sips: the rounded shape and narrow neck of the glass allow you to enhance its unique scent. To taste the beer to its fullest, let it breathe to release all aromas.


Drinking a Leffe is a real experience: after having observed and discovered it, the time has finally come to taste it. Bring it to your lips and savor its richness. Since 1240, our history with an inimitable flavor is renewed every day.