The Sound of Leffe

Leffe has unveiled its first sonic identity, with a unique collection of sounds created to capture the brand's 800-year-old Abbey craftsmanship. Developed in partnership with the global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) and Massive Music London, a Songtradr company, the Leffe Sonic System stands out in the beer category by using sonic design to bring the brand to life in a unique way. This expansion aims to seamlessly integrate the brand's Abbey heritage into a sensory experience that appeals to a broader, more musically inclined audience.  

Merci Horeca

Merci Horeca

After 201 days of closure, Leffe wishes to celebrate the reopening of the Horeca with a movement of sharing and generosity in order to support the staff. For each Leffe ordered, Leffe will thank the staff with a tip of € 1. With "Merci Horeca!", Leffe also hopes to inspire Belgians to join the movement and, if they wish, to show their generosity in turn.

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European  beer  challenge

European beer challenge

Leffe 2021 results

Leffe Ambrée: Double Gold Medal
Leffe Rituel 9: Double Gold Medal
Leffe Brune: Double Gold Medal
Leffe Blonde: Gold Medal
Leffe Ruby: Gold Medal
Leffe Blonde 0.0%: Silver Medal
Leffe Ruby 0.0%: Silver Medal