Discover the history

Become a zythologist

Savour the Leffe varieties

Great news for Leffe lovers and connoisseurs:
Maison Leffe has opened its doors.

After passing on our know-how from generation to generation for almost eight centuries, we wanted to share this story with you.

A story you can discover through the corridors of an ancient monastery, today converted into a hotel named “La Merveilleuse”.

A story you can savour through the different varieties of Leffe.

A story that will stir all your senses through interactive experiences, touch screens and of course, tasting.

You will discover the true meaning of the word “zythology”, the craftsmanship behind every Leffe variety, and the surprising pleasure of food-pairing.

This experience right in the heart of Dinant will not only give you impressive views over the Meuse valley but moreover will enable you to explore the rich character and deep roots of this exceptional abbey beer.

Visits will be interactive (without guide) and will up to an hour, tasting included. Groups (starting from 15 persons) will have to make reservations.

We warmly welcome you.

Maison Leffe
23, Charreau des Capucins
5500 Dinant
Phone: +32 82 22 91 91
Fax: +32 82 21 92 47

Opening hours
We’re very excited to welcome you in Maison Leffe as from the 8th of May
Maison Leffe is open 7/7 from 11am until 7pm
€10,00 will be charged, including tasting and gift.
Prebooking is necessary and can be done via https://infiniti-resort.be/product/inkomticket-maison-leffe/ or on location depending the available free places.
Your visit will look slightly different as we take into account all necessary Covid measures to ensure your own health and safety

Health and safety measures
Please don’t come to Maison Leffe when you’re not feeling well or when you’ve been in contact with someone ill.
Do not forget to bring your mask as it is advised to wear during the tour.
Follow the rules of social distancing and maintain an appropriate distance of min 1,5m
Wash and sanitize your hands regularly, alcohol gels are available
Follow the instructions of our staff.