Discover the new Leffe glass

Take the time to admire

The new Leffe glass has been designed so that you can rediscover this moment. The L engraved at the bottom of the glass encourages a continuous release of the bubbles, meaning the head stays frothy for longer. This gives you plenty of time to admire your Leffe in all its splendour.

Take time to Touch

The base of the glass is decorated with a 3-dimensional engraving evoking the Leffe Abbey. By taking it in your hand, you will feel part of the rich history of Leffe. It also allows you to hold your glass easily and without warming the contents with your hand. In this way you can keep your Leffe at the right drinking temperature and enjoy it for longer.

Take time to smell

Leffe is also a pleasure that you’ll be able to discover little by little. The rounder form and the smaller neck of the new glass offer a greater concentration of the unique Leffe bouquet. To fully appreciate it, rotate the glass slowly to release all the aromas. Smell them and soak up the complex scents and subtle nuances of your Leffe.

Take time to taste

In this new glass, your Leffe is a pleasure throughout the tasting. Admire the head of the beer and the sparkle of the body. Take it in your hand and feel part of the history. Turn your glass slowly and smell the aromas that are released.