Michelin-starred chefs stepping behind the bar, honest meals prepared with deliciously fresh seasonal produce, convivial dining straight out of the pan…these are the ingredients served up by the chefs of today’s gastronomic bistros. The idea behind it all? To make gastronomic dining an option for everyone.

The latest trend goes by the name of ‘bistronomy’, a contraction launched by Sébastien Demorand. According to the food journalist, bistronomy is bringing gastronomy to the people. This culinary movement is gaining in popularity in gastronomic restaurants where famous chefs introduce diners to generous, unpretentious and thus more accessible cuisine. Fans of simplicity, authenticity and sumptuous stews are in for a treat! The bistro is the epitome of conviviality. It’s a place where people make time to spend time, and where unannounced visitors are always welcome at the dinner table. As far as atmosphere goes, the bistro gets top marks. But what about the menu? Here you will find honest, hearty dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients, all personally selected by the chef: fresh, seasonal, local produce, produced by small, local manufacturers, in addition to more refined ingredients.

Why this return to a more authentic approach? The answer is quite obvious: in these times of crisis and doubt surrounding the origin of our food, people are turning back to good old classic dishes from grandmother’s kitchen. This new culinary trend, which quaintly and quietly bubbles on the stoves of our famous chefs, dishes out a generous, simple and particularly accessible cuisine.
Where chefs and artists lay the table together

This accessibility is also reflected in the decor. The chef literally steps from behind his pots and pans, swaps his chef’s hat for a tea towel draped over his shoulder and comes to welcome his guests in person. The menu is chalked up on a little board over the bar, small tables are lined up cosily, guests are seated side by side.
Some chefs go even further, and use small, creative touches to evoke a very unique atmosphere. They team up with local artists and craftsmen, entrusting them with the design of the cutlery, table linen and other accessories. Others experiment with the wait staff’s uniform and table setup.
In short, bistronomy has offered big chefs a new, authentic and creative way to surprise their guests with warm, convivial and simple cuisine.