With a new year ahead, New Year’s resolutions are never too far behind… So why not start by inviting Leffe to the aperitif this year?

How about adding an original twist to your aperitif in 2015 by sharing a Leffe with your guests? You could certainly make it an evening to remember… Picture this: guests are blindfolded in turn, after which they each get to smell and taste several Leffe varieties.

The goal is of course to guess which Leffe they have in their hands. This fun game could also be played with a group and is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Or how about trying to figure out which different ingredients give each beer its typical flavour? Tastes like honey? Leffe Nectar. Traces of citrus and coriander? Must be Radieuse. Hints of forest fruit? Obviously Leffe Ruby…Who needs bubbly when you’ve got beer?

For a truly sparkling evening, make sure to serve your beer with some delicious food – both during the aperitif and the festive dinners. Try to pair your meal with a beer that has a similar intensity of flavour. Michelin-starred chef David Martin gives us a few pointers: “Leffe Nectar pairs very well with foie gras. Up the wow factor and make your own foie gras nougat by mixing in some almonds, raisins, dried apricots, etc. Your guests will be impressed!”

More subtle flavours taste delicious with a more delicate beer, whereas more pronounced flavours require a strong beer to be fully appreciated.

If opting for beer instead of champagne seems like an utterly ludicrous idea, just think of beer’s miraculous properties. Thanks to the digestive benefits linked to the yeast, beer proves a perfect choice to accompany all those rich holiday meals. Plus, it will boost your appetite!

So, are you prepared to leave old habits behind and jump-start your aperitif?